About Us

About Us

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You are one of us if you believe that...

Who Are We?

We are a group of passionate clinicians and health and wellbeing professionals, united by the principles of lifestyle medicine and a sense of humour.

Our aim is not to make light of suffering, but to lighten your suffering.

What Do We Do?

We focus on lifestyle changes to create sustainable improvements in your health. 

Free information

Articles, podcasts, videos, forums.

Self-serve courses

Access whenever and wherever you like.

Coaching Courses

We help you to build a personalised plan for you to get as far back from the edge of The Cliff of Health as possible (this is where you will thrive).

What are our values?

Choose growth

In nature, nothing stays the same – everything is growing or dying.  We choose growth and innovation, because we don’t want to wither and fail. We want the same for our Improvers.  Our practices evolve as our education expands.

Change is often difficult, but change is what’s needed.  If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

Show the love

We are in the healthcare industry.  We care passionately about our Improvers and our Coaches and Consultants, and live to serve.

Focus on measurable outcomes

You want results; and we want to deliver.  Active X Improvers define the SMART goals they’re aiming for, and the team members do everything we can to support them in achieving those results.  If we don’t measure it, it won’t get done.  Keep measuring and improving.

Think big

We want to make a big difference, so we have to think big, and encourage others to do the same.  Small goals won’t motivate you for long.

We need to talk about the difficult stuff, and avoid sugar-coating.  Playing around the fringes of problems won’t make a big impact, nor get the lasting results our Improvers are looking for.

Active X Pilots

Chief Pilot, Registered Osteopath, Author
Gavin Routledge MSc DO(Hons)

Pilot, Registered Osteopath, Former PT
Jordan Clemson MSc (Ost)